Friday, February 3, 2017

Snowboarding beginner tricks

A lot of snowboarding is about the tricks that you can pull. Tricks can range from going off jumps to just doing the simplest thing like buttering. It will take some time and practice to get the hang of doing different tricks, and you will fall a lot, but once you get it you'll be golden. Here are some tricks that are fast and easy to learn.

Buttering is one of the fist tricks that can be learned and you don't even have to go in the terrain parks to do.
When you are attempting this trick you want to shift your weight to the tail of the board. (It may help to have you back hand reaching for the tail.) Make sure your back knee is above your leg and not pointed towards your other leg. Focus on shifting your hips, don't just rely on leaning it won't work. That's pretty much it to buttering, it's very simple and easy to learn, great for a first trick.

An Ollie is needed in most tricks when you go into the park. To be able to pull this off you need to be able to put a little bit of pressure on your front foot with your knees bent. Then slide your board into a tail press position, when you reach the tail press you need to snap your board immediately so you don't lose the energy from the flexibility from the board to help boost you up into the air. Once you are up bring you legs underneath your body making the board horizontal to the ground and so you can get stability. Stomp both feet into the ground so they equally can absorb the impact and bend you knees at the same to cushion yourself.

Reference: Me... I snowboard and I taught myself

Statement: Snowboarding is fun
Statement: These tricks are easy